Telecom Salesforce Data Migration – Success Case

More tan 150.000 companies around the world use Salesforce for sales, marketing and integrated customer management. Setting up a CRM Salesforce System for a company as large as Telecom Argentina is not an easy process, and even less realizing a total migration of all the data from their legacy systems.

Gutbit Data Analytics was chosen to perform this task due to his record and experience in handling large volumes of data in the TELCO industry.

Telecom Argentina is the first regional provider of Quadruple Play Services, joining mobile telephony, broadband, television and traditional lines services.

Beyond the digital transformation and the challenges about new technologies to be integrated, the Gutbit Team worked closely collaboration with Telecom’s leaders and specialists to optimize their migration processes, to consolidate and enrich their customer’s information and above all to establish a cutover plan that allows a controlled and safe migration of its customers, without affecting the operations and services of the company.

With the implementation of Salesforce, Telecom Argentina reduced the number of business processes by 65%, streamlined its product catalog by 70%, and reduced the number of clicks and screens for agents by 70%. That translates into faster phone activations (10 to four minutes for prepaid mobile devices); simpler user experience for change of plans and products (from seven steps to one); and 120% faster case resolution with integrated front and back office operations.

Gutbit is proud of be part of the Telecom Argentina’s digital transformation and to accompany them throughout the migration process to the new CRM.


  • Migrate 19 million customers to the Salesforce Cloud
  • Extract, Transform and Load 434 million of records
  • Integrate and unify the information of its clients from its 8 legacy systems
  • Design a migration strategy reducing the operational business impact


  • Development of a cutover plan to migrate in a synchronize and safe way the data from the Legacy Systems to the new Salesforce CRM
  • Development of a customer migration and unification pipeline that allows a 360 view of their information
  • Synchronization with more than 30 software applications through API integrations
  • 7×24 Continuous migration processes with legacy systems and active destinations


  • Unified and consolidated information allowing to the business to have an integrated view of their customers
  • Reduction in the number of business processes by 65%
  • Streamline of Enterprise Product Catalog by 70%
  • Reduction in number of clicks and screens for agent by 70%
  • Faster phone activations
  • Simpler user experience

Used Technologies

Automation Tool

●Monitor: Suspend / Relaunch ● Orchestration ● Schedule ● Monitor

Migration Tool

● Orchestration ● Extraction ● Transformation ● Data Load

Cloud Service

● Salesforce CRM ● Vlocity Order Management

On premise

● Billing System

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