Fraud Detection

Detect fraudulent operations in real time and improve the operational quality of your company using a Big Data platform.

Fraud prevention is a big challenge for telecommunications, financial and insurance companies. The volumes of data that must be collected and analyzed are very large, and the difficulty of responding to events in real time.

To better identify fraud patterns, fraud analysts needed the ability to capture and analyze large volume of business data. The information they collected was captured in silos, limiting visibility and making impossible to apply machine learning models.

By applying Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques, companies are able to detect fraud patterns and threats in real time before they take place. Big Data solutions allow analyzing and processing large volumes of data in real time and taking automatic actions to improve the operational quality of the company.

Also, it will allow you to create a 360 view of your customers, collecting and unifying all your customer data in one place, to later be able to better understand the behavior of your customers and address previously undetected service quality problems to improve customer satisfaction.


Fraud Reduction

Take advantage of high-speed, large-scale data processing to improve your business operations and detect fraudulent activity in real time. Reduce revenue loss caused by fraudulent activities.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Gain a deeper understanding of the needs and behavior of your customers. Consolidate a unique business vision of your customers, carry out more specific marketing campaigns, generating higher income for your business and reducing your customer churn at the same time.

Monitor your business operational processes in real time

Control and visualize your business operations in real time. Set alerts to prevent sudden problems. Take immediate actions to optimize operational efficiency.

We can help you

Our experienced architects and data scientists will be able to help you build and implement Machine Learning solutions, capable of taking advantage of and analyzing the large volume of data that companies generate today, and thus being able to train and build robust artificial intelligence models, that offer tangible business results such as fraud reduction and integrate them with your existing operational systems, to be able to make decisions in real time when faced with suspicious fraud operations.

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At Gutbit we have the necessary and experienced staff of consultants to face the development of Artificial Intelligence solutions. We are an agile and innovative company, 100% focused on Data Analytics market, specialized in Big Data, Data Science and Business Intelligence.

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