Artificial Intelligence Applied to Customer Loyalty

Today, customers expect companies to know in depth who they are and what their preferences are every time they interact on each channel, and at each stage of the journey. And they expect each experience to be personalized.

This leads companies to a situation where they need to understand and plan what their customers might do or want in the future.

To achieve it, they need to start predicting their customer’s behavior and automate their processes, in order to reduce operational costs and drive standardization.

Will they buy your product?

Will they change?

Are they happy with the product?

Are they going to be dissatisfied?

Will they buy more?

Companies need answers to these questions to identify the right customer, the right channel to contact them, and the right time to offer them products and services. To achieve this, you need to apply predictive analytics techniques.

Predictive analytics uses customer data to build models. These models help predict future behavior.

The opportunity to do predictive analytics today is at its best. There are many sources of public and available data, such as blogs, social networks, chat, and transactions. In addition, current Big Data technologies are capable of large-scale data processing, integration and storage at very low cost.

The relationship between a customer and a company goes through a life cycle. Analyzing each of the stages will provide useful information in order to carry out marketing actions depending on what customers need at each time.

Customer Life Cycle – Benefits of applying artificial intelligence

There is a direct correlation between the life cycle of a customer and the level of loyalty.

Depending on the stage of life cycle in which the customer is with the brand, it will be the level of loyalty that the customer has with it, and the program to be followed will be different.

The ideal is to design and implement a marketing plan that covers all stages of the customer’s life cycle; identifying customers when they first arrive as well as identifying those at risk of churn. Applying customer segmentation and loyalty programs will make your marketing investment profitable over time.

Gutbit can help you overcome these challenges

Our experienced consultants and data scientists will be able to help you build and implement Machine Learning solutions, capable of taking advantage of and analyzing the large volume of data that companies generate today, and thus being able to train and build robust artificial intelligence models that offer tangible business results such as:

  • Reduction of operating costs throughout the customer’s life cycle.
  • Increase the company’s income by optimizing the processes of acquiring new clients
  • Increase sales through the automation of product recommendations.
  • Identify dissatisfied customers or those with a probability of churn to apply loyalty and retention campaigns.

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