Data Migration

The Client’s Need

Our client, Telecom Argentina, the sole regional provider of 4-Play services, combining mobile telecommunication, TV , residential phone service and wide band internet, was looking for  a complete digital transformation of its  commercial management system. For that reason, the company decided to migrate all their customer management applications to Sales Force Cloud

To arrange a Sales Force CRM system for a large company such as Telecom Argentina, is not an easy task. To migrate all of the information from their system is even more difficult.

Gutbit Data Analytics was selected to perform the task due to our trajectory and successful history dealing with huge data volume in the TELCO industry.

The Challenge

  • To migrate 19MM clients to Sales Force Cloud.
  • To extract, change, transfer and upload 434 million registers.
  • To integrate and unify customer information from their 8 legacy systems.
  • To design a data migration strategy which allows a reduction of operative impact on the business.


Information is consolidated and unified so the company has a complete view of the customers

Faster phone line activations

Simplified and friendlier customer experience

65% reduction in commercial processes

70% more acceleration of product catalogue

70% reduction of click number/screen for agents

Project Details

  • Time for execution: 3 years.
  • Number of original systems: 8.
  • Number of systems in destination: 4.
  • Volume of data processed: 434MM registers.
  • Migration strategy: 1MM clients/month.
  • Amount of customer data actually transferred: 19MM.

Techniques and Technologies

Using Sales Force, Telecom Argentina had a 65% reduction in commercial processes and accelerated their catalogue by 70%. They also had a 70% reduction on clicks/screen. That means faster phone line activations (from 10 to 4 when activating prepaid lines). The customer enjoyed a simplified experience when changing a service plan. Case solutions were 120% faster with integrated operations between front and back office.

Gutbit is proud to be an active part of the digital transformation of Telecom Argentina, and to be a trusted partner during the whole migration process to the new CRM

2022’s Challenge

  • To start migration of Fibertel Fiber Optic clients: Number of Clients to Migrate: 4MM
  • Estimated time: 1 year
  • Estimated volume of records: 120 MM records
  • Number of Source Systems: 7