Food Industry

Look a Like Segmentation

The Client’s Need

Our client, Arcor, one of the major food companies in Argentina and elsewhere in Latin America, had rigid client segmentation, comprising three categories: A, B and C, with premium customers belonging to Group A. There was no clear certainty of the sales volume (and value) that each category (or segment) represented. 

The goal was to explore new segmentation options on the basis of customer shopping behavior.  This would allow us to discover common features shared by customers in different categories and determine which were the most valuable for the business.  We could then apply marketing strategies focused on less valuable segments and prospects that would finally lead to an increase in company profits.

Gutbit Data Analytics was selected to perform this task, due to our wide trajectory and successful history (?experience) dealing with Data Analytic Solutions


  • Development of a Cutover plan to transfer the legacy systems to the new CRM Sales Force with accuracy and synchronization.
  • Development of a pipeline migration and client unification which allows a 360° view of the information.
  • Synchronization of more than 30 software apps by means of API integration, continuing the migration process 24/7 between legacy systems and the new destination.


Techniques and Technologies

Shapley Model
K-Mean Model
ETL on Python Process
Azure Virtual Machine
Files and informs in Jupiter notebooks
Trello Kanban